Month: August 2022

What Is Server Virtualization and Why do Small Businesses Need It?

If you are a small business looking to get the best out of your IT infrastructure without investing millions in it, you should think about server virtualization. It reduces your IT operating costs and enhances data security for critical applications. Keep reading to know more details about server virtualization. What Is Server Virtualization? Server virtualization is partitioning one physical server into multiple small virtual servers running simultaneously on different operating systems. Server virtualization reduces the amount of equipment you need to run your business and helps you optimize your use of computing resources. It should [...]

August 28th, 2022|Categories: Getting Started|

How to Protect Your Company from Hackers

Hackers are highly innovative individuals who try to gain access to a company's computer network and systems. Whether your company is small or large, protecting your data is one of the most crucial aspects of its efficient operation. Hackers try to find the system's weaknesses to steal or corrupt data. This data could be used for financial gains, identity thefts, political activism or even revenge. So how do you protect your company’s data from these hackers? Read below to find out if you have the basic security in place. Use a Firewall A firewall is [...]

August 28th, 2022|Categories: Security|
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