For any B2B business, leads play an essential role in driving the company’s revenue. In today’s digital e-commerce era, your website is critical when it comes to attracting customers. Many people visit your website every day, yet not all of them become prospective clients. To find out how to turn those lost leads into customers, keep reading!

How Visitor Queue Helps

The average B2B website conversion rate is merely 2.55 percent across all industries. That means that the majority of people who visit your website don’t turn into qualified leads. Unfortunately, you have no clue who these customers are, and how interested they are in your business—but that’s where Visitor Queue comes in.

Visitor Queue helps you identify visitors as prospective customers by providing information about the customer, the time spent on your website, and what they did on it. You can plan your goals and targets better and drive more revenue based on your collected information. The following are a few benefits of Visitor Queue:

Gathering Customer Information

With the help of Visitor Queue, it’s much easier to make critical decisions on how to create your sales pitch since the information, time spent, and customer activities on the website are gathered. Businesses can use their contact information and social media accounts to contact the customer and start them on their customer journey.


Convenience is the name of the game, and increases your chances of attracting users. The Visitor Queue is incredibly easy to install—it only takes a few minutes, and you are good to go. This benefit makes it easy for every business to activate and run it through their systems to generate more information about potential leads.


Another significant benefit of the Visitor Queue is that all the information collected from it abides to privacy laws and is not made publicly available. This is an essential factor since compromising the privacy of the prospective client can greatly cost a business, both in money and reputation.

Real-time Leads

After installing Visitor Queue, you start getting leads instantly. This will facilitate your sales team’s instant follow-up on the lead without the lead going cold. It also instigates an interest in the customer since the business tried contacting them right after they visited the website. The quick follow-up is likely to paint a picture of an involved and caring business.

Unlimited Users

Visitor Queue allows infinite users to work within it, allowing for better management, while making it simple for users to function on the platform. The admin feature of Visitor Queue makes it even more efficient with the added feature of multiple users working simultaneously.

Visitor Queue can help you track who is visiting your website, how they got there, and which pages they visited—which is all extremely vital information. With its low price compared to other similar solutions and its support for an unlimited number of users, it is a great solution.

Ready to get started? Check out Visitor Queue today! And if you want to really capitalize on the benefits of Visitor Queue, get in touch with AppendX Digital! We’re passionate about helping businesses succeed, so contact us today!

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