About ManagePoint Technologies

ManagePoint Technologies was founded on the principal of using Technology to enable businesses to do what they are best at. We strive to provide services which aide businesses in doing what they do best, with solutions tailored to your business’ needs.

ManagePoint Technologies focuses on the intersection between technology and business. Businesses are growing more and more everyday. At the heart of this growth is technology; from communication to automation. We believe in providing technology solutions which meet your current and future needs to get you where you need and want to be.

Thoughtful IT Support.

ManagePoint Technologies tailors its offerings to meet the everyday demands of businesses.

IT Project Services

Projects, upgrades, and training

Leading the way

For all your traditional project needs. Hire us to augment your team, or to get the job done

Managed IT

Let us do the heavy lifting

Partnered for Success

Acting as your personal IT department we monitor and update to meet your needs

OnCall Services

Hardware failure, Backups, emergencies

Here to help

The worst can happen, we’re prepared to help you when it does

IT Service, The Right Way.

Choosing the right solution can be tough. It must provide the business exactly what it needs, while limiting risk and not breaking the budget.

We partner with you to tailor solutions to meet your exact needs. No hassles. We start as an advisor guiding you to the right solution. We continue into implementation where we execute your plans with the utmost integrity. We continue to measure the progress through thoughtful communication. Finally we are by your side to see your success; just that quickly we are part of your team.

Our Partners.

ManagePoint Technologies Inc. aims to partner with local organizations that promote inclusivity and opportunities for all Londoners. Currently we are partnered with TechAlliance, London Chamber of Commerce, LEDC and Immploy.

For technology, we utilize best in class technology from the following partners: Microsoft, Veeam, VMware, Dell, Lenovo, HP and Cisco.