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Tooth-be-told, we at ManagePoint believe that security is a number one priority.

Making sure that your patients’ information is safe, and that your staff is well trained in online security is imperative to the safety of your company, not only while in the office, but also when at home or on the go.

Level Up Your Security


AutoElevate – Removes Admin rights from PCs but allows for automated methods of requesting admin privileges, running each request through a VirusTotal scan.

Avanan – Email Security and Filtering, Scans M365, G Suite, Slack, Teams for malicious emails, links, files, chat messages and anomalies such as logins from different locations.

ManageHub (CloudRadial) – Our client portal containing Knowledge Base Articles, Training Courses, Quick Start Guides, dashboard for your IT reporting, compliance reporting, IT Roadmapping. It is full stop company intranet that can contain your data or point your staff to data, and can be edited by HR.


ManageProtect (BSN PPP), provides Cybersecurity training and awareness for staff, HR can upload policies for staff acknowledgement, leaderboards for staff to gamify security training. This also includes weekly micro courses, Dark Web Monitoring for your domain, plus staff can enter their personal emails as well. Check that you staff is secure too using phishing simulations to test staff readiness and training.

Additional Paid Services

Starting at $199/month

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ManagePoint Technologies is a full service IT Managed Service Provider. We offer remote and onsite services depending on your needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can optimize your business operations.