Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, WLAN, and wireless computers are all examples of wireless technologies that have changed how a business operates in today’s world. They have now practically become necessary for most smooth operations. When used right, small businesses can benefit extensively from the usage of wireless networks. Read on to learn more.

Increased Productivity

Wireless networks contribute significantly to increasing productivity and efficiency. They speed up daily tasks that are repetitive and save a lot of time. Surveys show that over 65 per cent of small businesses feel that it would be very difficult to manage and survive without wireless technology.

Expansion is made easier when data is stored in a wireless network. This is because the installation of wireless networks allows for portable device connectivity leading to higher responsiveness. Additionally, with wireless networks, cables don’t require rewiring every time additions or changes are introduced.


One of the major advantages of wireless networks is they facilitate mobility. This is vital for businesses that require their employees to travel to different locations but also need constant access to data. GPS not only helps to navigate but also saves time with real-time traffic information.  Growth across locations is important for small businesses and it is important that data is accessible anytime and from anywhere. Wireless technology makes that possible.

Customer Support and Communication

Wireless technology has revolutionized the way customer support functions work. It provides the required information about each customer within seconds and facilitates fast and easy access to data. This technology helps track shipments, provides customer support when staff is unavailable for assistance, and assists communication services through email and messages.

Faster and more accurate responses to customers’ queries and complaints increase customer loyalty and consequentially the business reputation. Video conferencing facilities that enable faster communication and decision making is also a benefit of wireless technology to businesses.

Cost Savings

Wireless technology contributes to cost savings in terms of investments, installation, and maintenance. A wireless local area network (WLAN) in the place of a wired connection can save a lot of time and money. They facilitate changes, additions, and real-time data analysis without any extra cost.

Wi-Fi Services

Providing Wi-Fi services has become the order of the day to attract customers and increase sales. People prefer spending more time at places that offer them Wi-Fi since it gives them the privilege to work outside in comfort.


The shift to wireless technology was initially seen as a major security threat. Entrepreneurs across the world were sceptical about cyber security threats and other similar concerns. However, cyber security solutions can help protect internet-connected systems from cyber threats. It is essential to employ high-security solutions to protect sensitive information. The installation of wireless cameras is also essential to effectively monitor your business operations.

It’s vital to choose a reliable IT service for the installation and management of wireless networks. If you are looking for one, look no further than ManagePoint Technologies Inc. Visit our website to learn more about our services.

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