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Like many workplaces, your business was likely affected by the pandemic in many ways. This likely included shifting to remote work models for either the short term or adapting to a hybrid office model.

For the latter, it’s crucial to have a system so employees can make the most of their time outside and inside your office walls.

So, where does ManagePoint Technologies stand with all this? We can implement the tools from Envoy‘s hot-desking service and streamline your work processes! Let’s have a closer look at this helpful tool.

Hybrid Workspace By Envoy

Due to the global pandemic, many individuals and teams have learned that workplace flexibility is feasible and beneficial. For that reason, many businesses have adopted flexible working strategies, such as hybrid work. Envoy focuses on providing an excellent workplace experience to make it work for all team members in the long run.

Employees who would like to spend some of their working weeks on-site and remote have embraced hybrid work. In fact, at the end of March 2020, Statistics Canada found that 4.7 million Canadians who didn’t usually work from home started to, thanks to the pandemic. But how can businesses make the most of their office space with this work model when the number of individuals on-site varies daily?

That’s where hot-desking from Envoy comes into play. Hot desking allows hybrid employees the ability to book a desk in-office for those days when they need to go into an office, but they also don’t require a permanent area. It’s a pretty awesome way to work! It’s an effective use of both space and time for those employees who don’t have to spend time looking for an empty conference room in a quiet corner.

How Does Your Office Manage Attendance

With an array of in-office, hybrid, and remote employees, it is vital to track who is coming and going from one day to the next. While hot-desking allows for reservations, how do these employees gain access to the office while keeping other employees safe and secure? How? They can sign up with another of our partners, Kisi, which allows mobile key card access to these hybrid employees. Read on.

Visitor Management with Kisi + Envoy

Companies that utilize Kisi and Envoy for visitor management may now easily integrate the two. Whenever a firm registers a visitor in Envoy, they receive a mobile key credential, allowing them to track and monitor their visitors’ access to the area.

Benefits of Using Kisi + Envoy

  • With improved capabilities, you can integrate your network access and visitor management.
  • Using your Kisi Dashboard, assign cloud credentials to visitors and track their activities in Kisi’s activity log.
  • Visitors’ access will terminate after a predetermined period or when they sign out.
  • Keeping a record of every visitor to Kisi.
  • Only invited parties should have access.
  • Envoy allows you to customize visitor access by assigning several groups to different visitor types.
  • Visitors’ physical access should be limited.
  • In Kisi, automatically give visitors access to groups.

By integrating Envoy and Kisi, you can give your admins more authority. They’ll be able to grant and deny access as well as gain information about your members’ behavior and facility usage.

Contact ManagePoint Technologies Inc. right away if you want to improve your hybrid workforce for your business regardless of its size. You can reach out to us by visiting our website, emailing [email protected], or calling (877) 262-3620.

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