Viruses, malware, hacking, scams, and phishing are just a few of the threats that can harm a computer or an entire network. Every day, cybercriminals create more sophisticated programs that pose threats to individuals, companies, and organizations alike.

At ManagePoint Technologies, we care about your cybersecurity. Wondering what we as an IT service provider can offer you and your business, or are you an old client looking to purchase new services? Fortunately, ManagePoint is a partner with SentinelOne, a world leader in cybersecurity solutions.

Cyber Threats Are Virtually Unending—Protect Yourself

In a single operation in early December 2021, Interpol arrested over 1000 cybercriminals and intercepted $27 million worth of illicit funds in twenty countries. Cyberlaw enforcement also froze 2,350 bank accounts related to various forms of online crime, including money laundering, investment fraud, and romance scams. And a long-time case featuring a Canadian cybercriminal named Matthew Philbert was also recently closed.

And that’s just recent cyberattacks. Around 30% of Canadian companies experience approximately 20 cybersecurity attacks each year. In 2021 alone, 36% reported increases in cyberattacks during the pandemic, up from 29% the year before. It’s imperative to have protective software installed to protect entire networks from these threats.

Why Choose SentinelOne

In addition to antivirus protection, SentinelOne protects computer systems against much more, including ransomware, spear-phishing, drive-by attacks as well as software and hardware vulnerabilities that can compromise customer and corporate data.

The platform itself is also easy to use. With its diagnostic tools and components, it protects without overcomplicating matters. Thanks to a user-friendly interface that simplifies tasks and offers one-click remediation, maintaining an IT infrastructure has never been easier. Everyone on your team should be able to use this software effectively.

The software has also been lauded for its effectiveness by several leading analysts and researchers worldwide. People recognize SentinelOne’s market-driving technology, expertise, and innovation, including organizations and customers alike.

Why Work with Managepoint Technology To Get This Software

Whether your team works from home or follows a hybrid model, having cybersecurity software that protects everyone is crucial.

ManagePoint and SentinelOne are partners to ensure complete protection from all threats. We’re proud to work with this top company to protect our clients across Ontario and Canada. To provide quality solutions for your business, we’ll help you with everything from planning to support.

For cutting-edge and reliable IT services of all kinds, we’d love for you to work with our team at ManagePoint Technologies Inc. You can email us at [email protected], call (877)262-3620, or check out our website.

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