Cybersecurity is often talked about, seen, and heard all around us every day. It has become a normal topic in our daily lives, but what does it mean, and what does this topic even cover? One of those most obvious topics is Email Security, commonly referred to as Spam Filtering, Attachment Scanning for Malware, Phishing Protection, and URL Click Protection.

We often see both small and large businesses using free or built-in software, such as Microsoft 365 spam filtering or Google G Suite spam filtering. While these might be effective, they will not last, and you will soon be left fighting and struggling for control over your inbox. That is where ManagePoint Technologies Inc, an IT Service and Support Provider, comes in to ensure you regain control of your inbox by filtering out the junk and preventing malware from compromising your business.

How does ManagePoint Technologies Offer Such Strong and Smart Protection

To allow you to keep all your email management within Outlook or Gmail, we have partnered with Avanan, a leader in Cloud Email and Collaboration Security. ManagePoint’s partnership with Avanan allows us to protect our clients’ mailboxes, whether they live in Google or Microsoft. It uses an advanced AI along with industry-tested and strengthened algorithms to catch spam and fraud and remove them from your inbox quickly and efficiently, leaving you with only your important emails.

Avanan carries a superior 99.2% catch rate on Phishing Attacks, protecting your inbox from threats such as ransomware, account takeover, BEC, supply chain attacks, and more. Not only does it constantly scan and check incoming email, but it also prevents data loss by scanning and catching outbound emails and scanning existing emails for missed threats.

Supported Services

Avanan takes this concept even further offering scanning and protection for data living inside the cloud including Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, SharePoint Online, Google Drive, ShareFile, Box, Dropbox, Slack, and Google G Suite. Avanan provides your business with the best Email and Cloud Security, ensuring your business stays online and operational. For more info, see how it works.

All security events are managed by the team at ManagePoint Technologies, and this service is automatically included in our All-In Managed Service Plans starting in 2022.

To Summarize What Avanan Offers You

  1. Threats come in all different ways and Avanan will use AI, algorithms, signatures of known malicious software to identify, quarantine, and alert you and our security team when something isn’t right, protecting you from malware such as a ransomware event.
  2. It is easy to use and de-clutters your inbox keeping the junk and malicious stuff away so you can prioritize what is important. Even if a legitimate email was caught, you can request it be released from your email, or restore it from your junk folder. If it was serious our security team reviews it before we allow it out of quarantine.
  3. Email is one of the top methods used by attackers to infect your systems or get information from you. Stop them in their tracks and protect your systems and your data. Your own clients will thank you, maybe just not out loud.

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