Technology is becoming an essential part of how businesses grow, so you need to know you’re entrusting your IT infrastructure to someone you can trust.

Managed Services Providers (MSPs) can offer your business the flexibility of having a dedicated and highly-trained IT team on-call without having to hire the staff your company needs.

What Are Managed IT Services

You can outsource your entire IT infrastructure to a service provider (an MSP) with managed services. A truly Managed Service Provider is responsible for providing the products, services, security, and training necessary for your business to thrive without hidden fees and extras/ add-ons.

At ManagePoint offers IT Security we believe every business needs as a standard in all of our packages including Next Gen Antivirus with AI engines, Dual layered ransomware protection, AI based email security and phishing protection with email phishing simulations, and end user productivity and security training. These are all services offered as up charges or add-ons with the other guy.

Why Is Using An MSP So Important

To succeed today, small and mid-sized businesses need Managed IT Services because many of them lack the resources necessary to hire a team of tech experts and have them available 24/7.

An MSP can provide the comprehensive IT systems that larger businesses enjoy at a much more affordable cost. This also assures that your technology and data are reliable, secure, and always accessible. As a result, your company will be positioned better to compete with other businesses similar to yours.

So, how do you make the right choice? If you choose the wrong MSP, you may be left with unexplained downtime, reputational damage, and unhappy customers. What should you be looking for when selecting an MSP?

Things To Look For When Choosing An MSP

They’re Flexible

It would be best to have an MSP that can adapt as your business grows and changes.

Growing businesses may need an MSP that can provide an even higher level of service, requiring additional resources. You should discuss how flexible the MSP you’ve selected needs to be and how the changing needs of your business require support when choosing one.

Responds Quickly

Processes differ from company to company, as do response times. Ask what their guaranteed response time is:

  • How long does it take for them to respond?
  • How fast are issues typically resolved?
  • How long will it take if you require onsite support?

Ensure that facts and metrics back up their answers.

They’re Not Just a Repair Service

You want to make sure that the MSP you pick is not just an advisor. They should be able to offer IT advice.

Find an MSP who can act as a consultant and create a customized solution to meet your unique requirements. Everything they do should be explained in plain language that you and your employees can understand how it will impact your business.

Offers a Team of Highly Trained and Experienced Technicians

This team should also provide on-call service 24/7/365.

The MSP you choose for your business needs to ensure that your IT infrastructure is always available when you need it—and that you have access to IT specialists who can help you follow best practices.

Can Ensure Your IT Infrastructure is Highly Secure

Your security mustn’t be compromised in any way to prevent viruses, malware, and hackers from stealing your confidential data. They must use leading-edge technologies to block data intrusions and eliminate them before they enter your network. They should also help you maintain compliance with industry and government regulations regarding IT security.

Ready to Choose the Best MSP for Your Business

Remember, selecting the right MSP is integral for your business, and part of choosing an MSP is asking the right questions.

If you’re interested in working with a Managed IT Service Provider that keeps your business moving at full speed while giving you peace of mind, then contact MangePoint Technologies today. You can contact us on our website, emailing [email protected], or calling (877)262-3620.

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